NieR Replicant Fishing Guide

NieR Replicant Fishing Guide

Fishing is an important mini-game in NieR Replicant which is required to complete a number of fishing quests from the Fisherman at the Seafront Pier. In this NieR Replicant guide, we’ve shared some tips to help players with fishing, locations of fish, and a list of useful items that can be found while fishing.

NieR Replicant Fishing Tips

To start fishing, the first thing to do is to find some fish. There are a lot of locations but more on that later. After finding a fish, press B/Square to select bait (buy it from the Tackle Shopkeeper) and start fishing. After the rod bends, continue to move in the opposite direction – don’t reel in immediately! Keep on moving in the opposite direction to reduce fish’s HP and then reel in. Remember not to stop moving until the HP is completely depleted.

One thing to keep in mind is to ensure that the fishing rod is properly bent. A small tip is to keep note of where NieR is leaning – this is the direction that players need to pull in.

Now that we’ve got a basic understanding of how fishing works in NieR Replicant, let’s talk about items related to it.

Fish Locations

Fish Required Bait Location
Black Bass Lure Village Waterwheel
Blowfish Lugworm Seafront Pier
Blue Marlin Lure, Sardine Seafront Pier
Bream Lure Seafront Pier
Carp Earthworm Village Waterwheel
Dunkleosteus Lure Seafront Pier
Giant Catfish Carp Village Pond, Eastern Road
Hyneria Sardine Desert, near the fast travel point
Rainbow Trout Lure Northern Plains, across the docks
Rhizodont Sardine Desert, near the fast travel point
Royal Fish Earthworm Pond at the Eastern Road
Sandfish Lure Desert, near the fast travel point
Sardine Lugworm Seafront Beach
Shaman Lure Near the Lighthouse, Seafront
Shark Sardine Seafront Pier

In addition to this, there are a few other important items that players may come across while fishing in different areas. These items are:

  1. Aquatic Plants at Seafront Beach
  2. Deadwood at Village
  3. Empty Cans at Desert
  4. Rusted Clumps at Northern Plains
  5. Rusty Bucket at Seafront

This is all we’ve got in our NieR Replicant Fishing Guide. Feel free to check out our detailed NieR Replicant wiki guides for more help on the game.

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