How to Change Difficulty Settings in NieR Replicant

How to Change Difficulty Settings in NieR Replicant

If you are wondering how to change the difficulty level of NieR Replicant to find the relative challenging enemies according to your skill cap and experience in NieR Replicant. This guide will show just how you could change the difficulty in NieR Replicant.

Change Difficulty in NieR Replicant

To change difficulty in NieR Replicant, you will have to go to the “Options” within the main menu and select the Difficulty option from there to set the difficulty level of your desire. It can be changed mid-game but won’t be saved, which means if you lower the difficulty while in-game, you would still face tough enemies and hard challenges.

If you change the difficulty from the main menu, it will only be saved then and you can hop on into the game after changing difficulty from the main menu. There are quite a few endings based on difficulty levels and the time taken in the completion of the game. If you just want to finish the game within the timespan of 15 hours, we recommend going with the second game with the lowest difficulty level.

There are several spots in-game that you might not get to explore or discover in harder difficulties because of the toughest enemies, you might just have to play on the lowest difficulty level and discover these places.

That’s all we’ve got in how to change difficulty options in NieR Replicant. Feel free to check out our detailed NieR Replicant wiki guides for more help on the game.

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