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How To Upgrade Camp In New World


Setting down a camp in New World is one of the earliest quests, and after you have set a camp, you can upgrade the camp as well to make it even better. The camp that you have set acts as a recall point and a place where you can set fire to stay and use the bed to rest. Camps are not used a ton but still, some players would want to upgrade the camp to the highest level just for the achievement. This is how you can upgrade camp in New World.

Unlocking Your First Camp

In “New World,” setting up your first camp is a rite of passage, a small step in your larger journey through Aeternum. But before you can start thinking about upgrades, you need to unlock the ability to set up camp.

As a newcomer to Aeternum, you won’t have the luxury of setting up camp right away. Instead, you’ll need to progress through the main storyline until you encounter the Survivalist in your starting area. This meeting is crucial as it kicks off your camping journey.

The Survivalist isn’t just there for pleasantries; they’ll give you a quest that leads you to a wolf den, where you’ll establish your first camp. But it’s not as simple as just selecting a spot; you’ll need to gather specific materials to craft your camp. Specifically, you’ll need one piece of Flint and five pieces of Green Wood. Once you have these in hand, you can set up your camp on an empty plot of land.

However, Aeternum has its rules: you can’t set up camp just anywhere. Landmarks are off-limits, which explains why you’ll see many camps just off the main roads. This initial limitation is just one of the many reasons you’ll want to upgrade your camp as soon as you can.

How to Set Up Your Initial Camp

  • Early in the game, you’ll receive a quest called “Survivalist: Friends in Fashion.” This quest serves as an introduction to the wilderness survival aspects of New World.
  • The quest will guide you to gather basic materials like flint and wood, teaching you the fundamentals of resource collection.
  • Once you’ve gathered the necessary materials, you’ll craft your first camp. The game provides clear instructions, so follow the on-screen prompts to set up your camp.
  • Remember, your camp is not just a respawn point; it’s a place where you can craft essential items and take a moment to plan your next move in the dangerous lands of Aeternum.

Tips for Your First Camp

Choose a strategic location: While your first camp setup might be predetermined by the quest, future camps should be placed near resource-rich areas or close to quest objectives. Use it for safety: If you’re venturing into unknown territories, having a camp nearby ensures you have a safe spot to return to if things get dicey.

How To Upgrade Camp

Upgrading your camp in New World is a bit of a hidden process, with no explicit in-game tracker. However, each upgrade is tied to a specific quest available in various regions across Aeternum. Here’s a detailed guide on how to navigate these quests and enhance your camp from Tier 1 to Tier 5.

Tier 2 Upgrade: Friends in Fashion

  • Unlock Level: 15
  • Location: Monarch’s Bluffs
  • Quest Giver: Bercina Thornton, located near the hamlet’s center.
  • Task: Collect tattered silk from skeletons in Divine Rise, on Monarch’s Bluffs’ eastern edge.
  • Completion: After gathering the silk, visit Survivalist Lee in Everfall to upgrade your camp to Tier 2.

Tier 3 Upgrade: Animal Instincts

  • Unlock Level: 25
  • Location: Cutlass Keys
  • Quest Giver: Tosch, found along the southwest road out of town.
  • Task: Acquire Sharpened Wildcat Claw and Streaked Alligator Scales.
  • Completion: Return to Tosch with the items to enhance your camp to Tier 3.

Tier 4 Upgrade: Lupine Observations

  • Unlock Level: 40
  • Location: Restless Shore
  • Quest Giver: Rilette Wilson, located in the settlement.
  • Task: Defeat Fangsnap in Fangsnap’s Den, in Restless Shore’s northwestern area.
  • Completion: Report back to Rilette post-victory to advance your camp to Tier 4.

Tier 5 Upgrade: Fading Lights

  • Unlock Level: 55
  • Location: Edengrove
  • Quest Giver: Derick Wardell, an NPC in the area.
  • Task: Overcome ten Ancient Guardians at Pavo.
  • Completion: After triumphing, return to Derick to finalize your camp’s ultimate upgrade.

Each quest is integral to your camp’s progression, leading you through diverse regions and challenging you with various tasks. While the journey may be arduous, the rewards significantly bolster your survival capabilities in New World’s untamed wilderness.

Completing Upgrade Quests

Camp quests for camp upgrades typically involve gathering special materials or completing specific tasks, like defeating certain enemies.

The quests will lead you to different parts of Aeternum, often encouraging exploration of new and potentially dangerous areas. Upon completing each quest, return to the Survivalist trainer to turn it in. Your camp will be automatically upgraded to the next tier.

Higher-tier camps allow you to craft more advanced items, crucial for survival against Aeternum’s tougher foes. An upgraded camp can be a lifesaver in the wilderness, especially when you’re far from settlements and need to craft vital supplies on the go.

Upgrading your camp is not just a side task; it’s a necessary step in ensuring your survival and efficiency while navigating the treacherous and mysterious world of New World.

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