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New World Sword and Shield Skills Guide: Active and Passive


Each weapon category in New World has its own set of passive and active skills. In this guide, we will share all the details you need to know about Sword and Shield Skills from the Swordmaster Tree and the Defender Tree.

New World Sword and Shield Skills

The swords fall under the Swordmaster skill tree and have both active and passive skills.

Swordmaster Tree Skills

Active Skills

Skill  Cooldown  Effect 
Leaping Strike  25s  Leap in any direction and deal 135% damage. 
Whirling Blade  15s  145% weapon damage to enemies within 2m. 
Reverse Stab  20s  Stab attack does 175% weapon damage. 

Passive Skills

Skill  Effect 
Leadership  When a sword is equipped, all party members get +10% damage. 
Cowardly Punishment  A successful hit with a Leaping Strike to an enemy’s back causes slow effect for 8s. 
Final Strike  Enemies below 30% HP take 50% more damage. 
Achilles Heel  The final hit of your light attack combo causes slow status effect for 2s. 
Critical Precision  On a Critical hit, gain 20% haste for 5s. 
Counter Attack  Get 10% increased damage for 20s after blocking an attack. 
Freeing Justice  Land a successful heavy attack to lose all debuffs. 
Empowered Stab  Successful heavy attack gives you 30% Empower for 5s. 
Tactical Strike  Whirling Blade will reduce the cooldown by 10% on each hit. 
Opportunity  Whirling Blade causes 5% Rend for 10s. 
Confidence  15% more damage when your HP is full. 
Opportunist  10% more damage to slowed enemies. 
Mobility  33% movement speed while blocking. 
Precision  10% increase crit chance with swords 
Tactician  Perform a Reverse Stab to reduce all Sword cooldowns by 25%. 
Unstoppable Stab  Reverse Stab has Grit which makes attacks unstoppable. 

Defender Tree Skills

Active Skills

Skill  Cooldown  Effect 
Defiant Stance  45s  Enemies do 30% less base damage for 8s. Place a Carnelian gem on your sword to cause a 6s taunt to all enemies within 8m. 
Shield Rush  20s  Rush enemies within 5m, knocking them back and dealing 125% weapon damage. 
Shield Bash  25s  50% weapon damage and stun effect on enemies in front of you for 2s. Place a Carnelian gem on your sword to cause a 6s taunt to all enemies within 8m. 

Passive Skills

Skill   Effect 
Defensive Formation  Block attacks to reduce damage to party members within 2m fby 30%. 
Restoration  Get 15% HP at the end of the Defiant Stance. 
Final Count Down  20% damage reduction when health is above 50%. 
High Grip  15% Stamina damage reduction when blocking ranged attacks using a shield. 
Recuperation  Incoming healing increased by 10%. 
Fortitude  Hold a sword to increase max health by 10%. 
Defensive Training  Block an attack to get 10% Fortify for 5s. 
Sturdy Grip  Block a melee attack with a shield to get 15% increase stamina damage. 
Intimidating Rush  Land a successful hit to make enemies 30% Slowed for 4s within 5m. 
Improved Rush  Land a successful hit to make enemies 10% Weaken for 4s within 5m. 
Final Blow  The third attack in your light attack chain does 15% more damage and gives increased threat. 
On With the Shield  Block an attack with a shield to get 1% shield recharge. 
Elemental Resistance  10% reduction to all magical types. 
Sturdy Shield  1% additional physical armor. 
Concussive Bash  +1s Shield Bash stun duration. 
Intimidating Bash  Shield Bash does 100% more damage and increased threat. 

And that’s everything you need to know about Sword and Shield active and passive skills in New World. Need more help? See How to Find Linen, Core Attributes, How to Respec Skill.

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