In Aeternum, resources are as diverse as they are essential, with Soul Motes being one of the intriguing elements you’ll stumble upon in your journey through “New World.” These ethereal substances are more than just shimmering curiosities; they’re crucial components in some of the most potent crafting recipes available in New World.


Soul Motes are primarily used in crafting powerful items, particularly in Arcana, where they’re a necessity for creating potions and upgrades that can give you an edge in battle, whether against the supernatural forces of the island or other players in PvP combat. As you progress into the late game, you’ll find their importance magnified, with higher-tier recipes demanding Soul Motes in larger quantities.

But what makes Soul Motes fascinating is not just their utility but also the challenge in finding them. They’re not something you can just stumble upon easily; obtaining these requires a knowledge of specific farming locations for resources that lead to Soul Motes in New World.

Farming Soul Motes In New World

Soul Mote is a faint essence of a lost soul, and it is used in Alchemy. You can get Soul Motes at any level of harvesting but you will need to be at least level 50 of mining. Soul Mote can be obtained from the following three items or resources:

Soulsprout Plants

here you can find soulsprout plants.
  • Locations: Found primarily in the regions of Windsward, Everfall, and First Light, situated in the heart of the map.
  • Method: An efficient farming route begins at Harplass Homestead in western Windsward, extending west towards Cooper’s Ranch through the forest. This path is sprinkled with several Soulsprout plants.
  • Requirements: You must reach level 30 in Harvesting to collect from these plants. Leveling up your harvesting skill can be quickly done by gathering Briar, Hemp, and Petalcap.
  • Tip: Pairing this activity with faction quests to clear mobs from either Homestead can make your route doubly effective.


  • Locations: These rare magical creatures are scarce in starter areas like Everfall and Windsward but are somewhat more common in higher-level areas such as Reekwater, Weaver’s Fen, and the northern parts of the map.
  • Method: There’s a river north of Windsward Fort that’s a known habitat for Soulwyrms, with about three appearing every 20 minutes or so.
  • Requirements: Soulwyrms don’t require any harvesting skill, making them a handy early-game option for acquiring Soul Motes.


  • Locations: These are essentially Soul Mote ore veins, mostly found in the northern territories, though some veins are available in Monarch’s Bluff and Everfall.
  • Method: The map indicates several spots where these Soulspires can be mined, surrounded by mobs ranging from levels 7 to 20.
  • Requirements: A minimum of level 50 in mining is required to harvest from Soulspires.

Soul Motes Farming Locations

There are quite a few recipes that require Soul Mote as an ingredient. These recipes are as follows:

  • x2 Cut Flawed Amethys
  • x2 Cut Flawed Malachite
  • x2 Cut Flawed Opal
  • x50 Eternal Heart
  • x1 Weak Proficiency Booster
  • x5 Soul Wisp
  • x25 Minor Ancients Combat Trophy

This is everything that you need to know about Soul Motes and how and where to get it in New World. For more help on the game, be sure to check out our detailed New World wiki page.