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How to Salvage Gear in New World

There is no shortage of gear in New World. While progressing through the game, the player will come across a wide range of gear – varying in rarity, stats, perks, gem slots, etc. Chasing the best gear to perfect the endgame builds is something the player will continue to do throughout the entirety of the game. But since there is limited space available, hoarding everything is not an option. This is where salvaging useless gear comes into play. In this New World guide, we have detailed all there is to know about how to salvage gear in the game.

Salvage Gear in New World

Salvaging in New World lets the player get something out of a useless gear piece e.g., gold, repairing items, etc. To begin, open inventory by pressing Tab and hover over the item that needs to be salvaged. Now hold the S button and left-click on the item. A message asking the player to confirm the process will appear. Click on ‘Yes’ to begin the process. It is that simple!

As of right now, there is no way of salvaging multiple items at the same time. Hopefully, the feature will be added in a later update. But as of now, the player must salvage items one by one. It is a good method of obtaining some additional resources on the side since it can get pretty tough to come across them, especially gold.

This is all we have got in how to salvage gear in New World. For more help on the game, be sure to check out our detailed New World wiki page.

Ian Shaw
Ian Shaw
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