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How To Get Peppercorn In New World

Cooking is one of the many activities that players can take part in considering cooking and eating meals can give players specific buffs. One of the ingredients used in cooking certain recipes is Peppercorn. This New World guide will help players with how to get Peppercorn.

How To Get Peppercorn

Finding Peppercorn is easy, players collect it while harvesting herbs in the game’s world. So basically, players have to find herbs in the game’s world and harvest them to acquire Peppercorn along with them.

Windsward, Everfall, First Light, and Monarch’s Bluffs are the locations where players can commonly find herbs. Also, players won’t get Peppercorn for every herb they harvest.

Peppercorn is a chance drop and players have to explore the above-mentioned locations to find and harvest herbs for a chance of getting Peppercorn.

That is all for our New World guide on how to find Peppercorn. For more on the game, also see How to Respec Weapon Mastery Points and How to Get Fae Iron.

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