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New World Outpost Rush PvP Guide: Tips and Tricks


New World is an RPG but it has multiplayer elements at its endgame. The multiplayer mode is called Outpost Rush which is a large-scale 20v20 PvP mode. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know on how to play Outpost Rush and some gameplay tips.

New World Outpost Rush Gameplay Tips

Once you reach level 60 you’ll be able to access Outpost Rush through the settlement. There are two teams of 20 players each. Teams start at their home forts and between each post, there are three outposts you can capture.

When the match starts both teams rush to capture the outposts in the middle. The longer your team can hold a point and the more enemies it can kill, the better the score. The first team to 1,000 points wins the match.

The winning team gets rare item drops, armor, and cosmetics.

In addition to the capture points, there are multiple objectives on the map. You can beat Baroness Hain to get health and defense buffs. You can spend some resources to build Turret Emplacements at the home fort and at the Outposts.

Lastly, you can defeat enemies at the Corrupted Portals. You need to deposit Azoth Essence at the Summoning Portal to summon multiple enemies and send them to the enemy home base.

If you’re not the PvP kind of a person you can simply hang back and help fortify your base to protect it from enemies attack. Moreover, you can help fortify the captured points as well.

Tips and Tricks

The entire Outpost Rush game mode is about map control so that’s what you need to focus in order to win. League of Legends and Dota fans would find some similarities between Outpost Rush their favorite MOBA title so they’ll feel at home.

Teams should split up and start farming Azoth, gather resources, and defend/attack outposts. It is better to have a balanced team with healers, tanks and ranged but this part is the hardest because most randos aren’t usually team players.

Need more help? See Core Attributes, Resource Gathering.

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