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New World Musket Skills and Mastery Guide


Muskets in New World are long-range weapons that benefit precision over anything else. The weapon type boasts high damage and range but at the cost of long reload times and less mobility. A player who can aim well can fully take advantage of a Musket. In addition to the raw power that it provides, Musketeers also gain benefits from Traps, Explosives, etc. In this New World guide, we have explained the Skill Trees of Musket in a detailed manner alongside its active/passive skills.

New World Musket Skills

A player who wishes to take full advantage of a Musket needs to invest in Dexterity as well as Intelligence. Muskets in New World have 2 trees i.e., Sharpshooter and Trapper.

Sharpshooter Skill Tree

All the active/passive skills of the Sharpshooter tree are detailed below:

Active Skills

Shooter’s StanceEnter a stance which provides 100% damage, zero mobility, and 75% reduced reload.
Power ShotIncrease the damage of Musket by 150%.
Powder BurnOverload the Musket to deal 110% damage and inflict a Burn effect that deals 20% damage for 9 seconds.

Passive Skills

Sniper15% increased headshot damage.
MarksmanHit the same target 3 times to decrease all cooldowns by 25%.
Shoot MoreThe number of shots fired before exiting stance is increased to 5.
Empowering Headshot10% increased damage for 5 seconds after a headshot.
Heightened PrecisionLanding shots while ADS generates stacks that provide 2.5% damage per stack. The damage boost goes away after 6 seconds of not landing a shot or when the player stops ADS.
Called Shot ResupplyHeadshots reduce all cooldown by 10%.
Called ShotADS for more than 3 seconds to get 5% increased damage.
BullseyeHeadshots with the Power Shot reduce its cooldown by 15%.
First BloodTargets who are at full HP take 10% more damage.
Initial Engagement10% increased damage for 5 seconds for hitting with the Power Shot.
Hit Your MarkIncreased headshot/CH damage against targets that are far away – capped at 15% for 100 meters.
Ballistic AdvantageThere is no damage falloff even after 50 meters.
Greater AccuracyThere is no penalty for hipfiring.
Critical ReloadInstantly reload after landing 3 headshots in under 5 seconds.
Chronic TraumaBurn duration is increased to 13 seconds after landing a headshot with Powder Burn.
Backdraft12% increased damage against targets who are on fire.

Trapper Skill Tree

All the active/passive skills of the Trapper tree are detailed below:

Active Skills

Sticky BombA bomb that can be attached to surfaces and detonates after 3 seconds, dealing 175% damage to all targets within a 3-meter radius.
TrapsPlace a Trap for 20 seconds that roots the target for 3 seconds.
Stopping PowerOverload the Musket to deal 120% damage and knock away targets.

Passive Skills

Lethal Combo20% increased damage against targets under the effects of Trapper.
Sticky SlowDirect impact with a Sticky Bomb slows down a target by 15% for 3 seconds.
Unflinching WalkDealing damage with a Sticky Bomb replenishes +40 Stamina.
Back it Up10% increased movement speed if a target is within 8 meters.
Kick ‘Em When They’re Down10% increased damage against targets that are CC-ed.
Tactical ReloadDodge to reload the weapon – has an internal cooldown of 6 seconds.
Empowering Weakness5% increased damage for 5 seconds after hitting a target with an active debuff.
Double TrapGet 2 active Traps at a time.
Scent of Blood100% lifesteal against Trapped targets.
Trapped Damage20% increased damage against Trapped target for 3 seconds.
Energy BurstHitting a target with an active debuff replenishes +5 stamina.
HustleIncreases movement speed by 10% for 3 seconds after a dodge.
Weakened DefenseIncreased damage against target blocking with a shield and 10% armor penetration for targets that are not blocking.
Supplementary RepulsionStopping Power slows targets by 10% for 8 seconds.
Lasting ImpressionTargets hit with Stopping Power have 10% reduced stamina regeneration for 8 seconds.
Salt on the Wounds10% increased damage against targets below 30% HP.

These are all the New World Musket Skills guide. For more help on the game, check our New World wiki page.

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