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How To Get Glowworm Bait in New World


New World is an open-world MMO and there is a lot of stuff to do in the game besides fighting. Fishing is one of the activities that players can take part in, chances of catching a rare fish depend on the bait. Glowworm Bait increases the chances for the player to catch rare fish and this New World guide will help players with how to get the Glowworm Bait.

Where To Get Glowworm Bait

Finding Glowworm Bait isn’t that difficult, players can find it close to Flint at night. Flint can be found throughout the game’s world, it’s usually close to water sources. Pick up Flint at night and players will get Glowworm Bait in their inventory. Using this bait significantly increases player’s chances to catch rare fish in New World.

That is all for our New World guide on how to get Glowworm Bait. For more on the game, also see Legendary Weapons Crafting Recipes Guide and How to Declare War.

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