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New World Gems Guide – How to Get, Effects, Best Gems


While roaming around the world of New World, the player will come across items known as Gems. These can be inserted into a piece of gear to get huge bonuses in both PvE and PvP. In this guide, we have detailed all there is to know about Gems, obtaining them, and the effects they provide.

New World Gems

Gems in New World are slottable items that can be placed inside a piece of gear – weapon or armor, provided that it has got a Gem Slot. Once placed, a Gem cannot be removed but only replaced with another Gem. There are a few different ways of getting Gems in the game:

  1. Dropped by enemies.
  2. Found inside chests.
  3. Purchased from other players.
  4. Mined and refined.

Gems also come in different tiers – with higher-tier ones providing increased bonuses. Think of them as items that are needed to round up a build. These are not super important during the early game but rose in prominence during the endgame.

A complete list of all the effects provided by different Gems is provided in the table below:


Effect Use
Arboreal A small percentage of damage is converted into Nature.
Abyssal A small percentage of damage is converted into Void.
Frozen A small percentage of damage is converted into Cold.
Taunting Produce a lot of Threat when in a battle.
Rally Increased damage and healing capabilities when on full HP.
Opportunist Increased damage against targets who are below 30% HP.
Retaliate Damage is increased after tanking 3 attacks.
Cruel More damage against target who can CC.
Exhilarate Increased damage when below approx. 30% HP.
Brash Increased damage against enemies with full HP.
Gambit Increased damage when running low of stamina.
Ignited A small percentage of damage is converted into Fire.
Empowered A small percentage of damage is converted into Arcane.
Electrified A small percentage of damage is converted into Lightning.


Effect Use
Nature Ward Increased resistance against Natural damage.
Abyssal Ward Increased resistance against Void damage.
Ice Ward Increased resistance against Ice damage.
Calming While in a battle, produce less Threat than the others.
Wilderness Ward Increased resistance against Physical/Elemental damage.
Thrust Ward Increased resistance against Thrusts.
Strike Ward Increased resistance against Strikes.
Spectral Ward Increased resistance against Physical/Elemental damage.
Slash Ward Increased resistance against Slashes.
Physical Ward Increased resistance against Physical damage.
Elemental Ward Increased resistance against Elemental damage.
Fire Ward Increased resistance against Fire damage.
Arcane Ward Increased resistance against Arcane damage.
Lightning Ward Increased resistance against Lightning damage.

The list is not complete as of now. We will continue to add more Gems in the coming days. Be sure to check back.

These are all the Gems in New World. For more help on the game, check our detailed New World wiki page.

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