How To Get Faction Tokens In New World

New World Life Mote, New World Faction Tokens

New World allows players to join factions and take part in wars. Not only that, the game offers an in-game economy that is players driven. Tokens are one of the currencies in the game and this New World guide will help players with how to get Faction Tokens.

How To Get Faction Tokens

Acquiring Faction Tokens is easy, players have to take part in and complete faction activities. Over the course of the game’s main quest, players have to pledge to a certain faction. Once that is done, talk to the faction NPC for faction quests which are both PvE and PvP. PvP faction quests reward players with more Exp and Faction Tokens.

Just complete the quest and return to Faction NPC and collect your tokens. Players can use these Tokens in the faction store to buy new gear and crafting items.

That is all for our New World guide on how to get Faction tokens. For more on the game, also see Dye Crafting Recipes Guide and How to Dye Armor.

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