New World is full of activities for the players to complete and expeditions are one of them. To start an expedition, players need to have a key or an orb and to craft them players need Corrupted Sliver. This New World guide will help players with how to get Corrupted Sliver.

How To Get Corrupted Sliver

To get Corrupted Sliver, go to the corruption portals, they are marked with red skulls on the map. However, not all of the portals give players the Corrupted Sliver. Only the Major Breaches will have the chance to give players Corrupted Sliver. These Major Breaches have large icons compared to the smaller ones.

Clear out Major Breach and get to the cache. Open it and if players are lucky, they’ll get Corrupted Sliver. Even if you are under-leveled, bring some high-level players with you. You’ll still get experience depending on your level but you’ll get the cache to open it for a chance to get Corrupted Sliver.

This means you might have to clear out multiple Major Breaches to get Corrupted Sliver. Once you have enough of it, go to the stonecutting table and craft the keys and tuning orbs for Expeditions. Not only that, players can fuse Corrupted Sliver into shards and fragments which then can be used to craft higher-level keys and orbs.

That is all for our New World guide with tips on how to get the Corrupted Sliver. For more on the game, also see How to Increase Inventory Space and How to Get Major Rune of Holding.

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