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New World Camp Upgrade Quests Guide


Settlements aren’t the only place where you can rest up a bit. In fact, you can set up camp in the woods or wherever you feel the need to do. You can then use these camps to rest or craft basic recipes. It will also be your respawn portal. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know on how to upgrade camps in New World.

What Quests You Need to Complete to Upgrade Camps

Camp has its own tier but it is tied to your character’s progression. To upgrade camps in New World you need to level up your character and complete the required quest as well.

Here’s the list of quests and camp tiers you are required.

Camp Tier Req. Character Lvl Req. Quest
Tier 1 5 Survivalist
Tier 2 15 Survivalist: Friends in Fashion
Tier 3 25 Animal Instincts
Tier 4 40 Survivalist: Lupine Observations
Tier 5 55 Survivalist: Fading Lights

You can set up camp anywhere as long as you do it on a flat surface. Press Y and click the ground where you want to set up camp.

Also, you need to gather resources to build the camp by using 5x Green-Wood and 1x Flint. Upgrading your camp allows you to craft better potions, recipes, cook better food.

And that’s everything there is to know on how to upgrade your camp in New World. Need more help? See Best Gems, How to Catch Snails, Errors and Fixes, Salvage Gear.

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