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How to Get Aged Wood In New World

New World MMO offers a lot of stuff for the players to take part in like fishing, crafting, and more. Players have to find materials in order to craft and each crafting material has tiers. Aged Wood is a tier 2 crafting material that is required to craft lumber which itself is a core crafting material for a number of things in the game. This New World guide will help players with how to get Aged Wood.

How To Get Aged Wood

Aged Wood can only be obtained from Mature Trees. However, players will only be able to get Aged Wood once they have reached Logging Lv. 50. Only at Logging Lv. 50 can players chop down a mature tree.

Also, the quality of the logging axe determines the amount of Aged Wood players get. The better the Logging axe, the more Aged Wood players get from chopping a mature tree. So level up and once you reach Logging level 50, use your login axe to chop down the mature tree.

To reach the logging level 50, all players have to do is chop young trees. With each tree chopped, players get experience. Eventually, players will reach Logging level 50.

That is all for our New World guide on how to get Aged Wood. For more on the game, also see How to Change Starting Zone and How to Change Factions.

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