In a surprising development, new gameplay footage from “Spider-Man 2” has appeared online, sparking widespread discussion on various gameplay aspects of the upcoming blockbuster.


The footage, allegedly leaked on a subreddit and subsequently circulated via a Twitch clip, has not been officially released by the game’s developers. The clip’s origin is attributed to the Twitch user ‘sbcxshiesty,’ and its rapid spread across social media platforms illustrates the intense anticipation surrounding the game.

While there has been no official confirmation regarding the clip’s authenticity (it’s real), the footage shows impressive graphics. The gameplay mainly focuses on combat and free roam featuring Miles Morales.

The fan subreddit is currently a hive of activity, with users analyzing every moment of the clip. Discussions are focusing on potential storyline developments, new character introductions, and gameplay mechanics.

As of the report’s time, the game’s developers have not issued any statement about the alleged leak but it is possible the footage will be taken down as Sony isn’t known to tolerate such leaks prior to its mega releases.

Spider-Man 2 is releasing on October 20th for PlayStation 5 and features both Peter Parker and Miles Morales as Spider Man.

Thanks, ScrubWiki