Sony Interactive Entertainment has filed a new patent for a tech that simulates player behavior. The patent describes a system that simulates player behavior during online matches, AI will mimic what a human player does in an attempt to counter rage quitters.


Multiplayer video games involve multiple players playing using either a single computer system or multiple computer systems connected together. While a first player of the multiplayer game is playing the multiplayer game, the first player’s actions are tracked and stored. When the first player quits or stops responding before the multiplayer game has completed, the first player is replaced by a computer-simulated version of the first player that selects its actions based on probabilities calculated from the tracked actions of the first player. The multiplayer game is thus able to continue without interruption or disruption, and the first player’s playstyle is preserved.

Left 4 Dead used a similar system all those years ago, nice to see Sony catching up. It is safe to assume that this tech will be used in PS5 online multiplayer matches. Although we hope it is a system implemented across the entire PlayStation Network, not just PS5. The new Sony patent was filed at the United States Patent and Trademark Office, you can check out the details here. In addition to the AI-controlled bot a great way to counter rage quitters is harsher penalties for leaving matches. Games such as Overwatch drop down hard to rage quitters and to some extent is does work.