Saturday, February 24, 2024

Remedy Entertainment Trademarks Its Next Game, Firebreak


Remedy Entertainment, known for their atmospheric storytelling and deep lore in games like “Control” and “Alan Wake,” has recently filed a trademark, possibly for the studio’s next game. The trademark in question, filed under the name “FBC: Firebreak,” hints at a new venture that could be related to the studio’s existing franchises, likely a subtitle for Control 2.

In “Control,” the Firebreak refers to a mysterious and ominous chasm within the Oldest House, a place where the normal laws of reality do not apply. It’s described as an intersection point within the Oldest House, appearing in various sectors but ultimately being one singular, sprawling anomaly. The term itself is a firefighting strategy, an obstruction used to prevent the spread of fire, which in the context of the game, suggests it’s a barrier against paranormal threats.

Trademark Details

The filing, dated January 8, 2024, covers a range of goods and services, from computer gaming software to multimedia production. The inclusion of both downloadable and recorded game programs, as well as music and video production, hints at a large-scale project with potential multimedia tie-ins. This could suggest that “FBC: Firebreak” may be more than just a game—it could extend into other media formats, perhaps even a television series or cinematic films.

Given the nature of the Firebreak in “Control” and its function as a boundary against supernatural elements, the trademark could indicate an expansion that delves deeper into the lore of the Oldest House as a DLC or it is the official name for Project Condor, the multiplayer shooter set in the Control universe. Of course, I can’t rule out the possibility of Firebreak being a DLC for Alan Wake 2 since FBC is already in the game.

“FBC” stands for the Federal Bureau of Control, which is the central organization in “Control.” Using “FBC” in the title would directly link “Condor” to the original game’s world. “Firebreak” in the context of the Oldest House could symbolize the players’ efforts to contain and control the spread of the Hiss or other supernatural phenomena, which aligns well with the PvE aspect of the game where players are pitted against environmental threats.

What exactly this is remains to be seen but my money is on Project Condor.

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