Sony has announced the release of a new PS5 update that includes a wireless update feature for the DualSense controller, as well as updates for the PSVR 2 and Sense controllers.

While the updates are relatively small in size, the wireless update feature for the DualSense controller is a significant change that makes updating the controller more convenient. Previously, users needed to connect their controller via a USB cable to update it.

While the changelog for the update is not available, it is mandatory for all PSVR 2 headsets, Sense controllers, and DualSense controllers. The updates are believed to be related to bug fixes.

In addition to the controller updates, the new PS5 update also introduces several new features. These include the integration of Discord voice chat, allowing PS5 users to communicate easily with their friends on other gaming platforms.

Users need to link their Discord and PlayStation Network accounts, then use the Discord app on their mobile device or computer to initiate a voice chat on their PS5 console.

The update also enables users to initiate or request a screen share directly from a friend’s profile, join games their friends are playing using the “Join Game” icon, and view a new “Friends Who Play” tile that shows which friends have a particular game, who is currently online, and who is currently playing the game.

Other features of the update include the ability to manually upload game captures to the PlayStation App, support for Variable Refresh Rate at 1440p, game library enhancements that enable users to sort and filter games, and the ability to transfer data from one PS5 console to another using a local Wi-Fi network or LAN cable.

The new PS5 update brings several new features and improvements, including the wireless update feature for the DualSense controller, making it more convenient for users to keep their controllers updated. The update also includes several enhancements that improve the overall gaming experience for PS5 users.

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