Where To Find Lugia In New Pokemon Snap

New Pokemon Snap lugia

New Pokemon Snap improves upon the original and is all about taking pictures of the Pokemon. While most of the Pokemon can be found on the routes but for legendary Pokemon like Lugia, players have to perform specific actions. The New Pokemon Snap guide will help players with the location of Lugia and where to find it.

How To Find Lugia

To find Lugia, players have to take the alternate route opened up by Clawitzer at rank 2 or above. After that, once players get to the rocky tunnel that will move them down to the seafloor, hit the Lanturn with an Illumina Orb. It’ll flip and swim away.

Further ahead after a huge Wailord passes, players have to hit the Lanturn captured by Frillish with an Illumina Orb. It’ll be free and will swim away too. After that, when players arrive at the seafloor they have to use the scanner to follow the Lanturn towards a new path.

Players will find Lugia sleeping to the right after they have passed a huge rock. This route will remain open from this point onward.

That is all for our New Pokemon Snap guide on how and where to find Lugia. For more on the game, also see Where to find Diancie.

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