Where To Find Diancie In New Pokemon Snap

New Pokemon Snap Diancie

New Pokemon Snap is here and improves significantly over the original with new Pokemon. There are some Pokemon in the game that players won’t find easily like Diancie, a Mystical Pokemon. This New Pokemon Snap guide will help players with the location of Diancie and where to find this Mystical Pokemon.

How To Find Diancie

Players can find Diancie in the Outway Cave, however, this Pokemon will not appear in front of players. Players have to lure this Mystical Pokemon out using Illumina Orbs.

To find Diancie, players have to take the alternate route to the crystal cave opened in Rank 2. At the entrance of the crystal cave, players have to throw Illumina Orbs at Mawile and two Carbinks that are standing together. This will lure out Diancie from behind the crystal, players can throw some more Illumina Orbs at Diancie to make her perform different animations or poses.

Furthermore, the Mawile in the middle of the crystal room will turn around and will open an alternate route. However, this router won’t stay open after they have cleared the level.

That is all for our New Pokemon Snap guide with tips on how to find Diancie. For more on the game, also see Where to find Lugia.

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