Sucker Punch is working on releasing Ghost of Tsushima later this month but new information suggests that the developer is going to release a new Infamous game for the PS5. This is what you need to know regarding the matter.


New Infamous Game For PS5 By Sucker Punch?

Firstly, the domain has been renewed which suggests that Sucker Punch is working on something related to the franchise. Keeping in mind that it has been a lot of time since we got an Infamous game.

Furthermore, there are some job listings at Sucker Punch that point towards working on something new. You can check out the listings below:

Infamous PS5


Note that Ghost of Tsushima is coming out in a few days so it would be pretty late to hire a new producer for the game. Obviously, these are candidates that are going to work on something new.

It is possible that this is not going to be a new Infamous game and that Sucker Punch is planning to port the older games to the PS5. That would make sense keeping in mind that there is a listing for a senior lighting artist.

The games are pretty old now and will need to be updated for the PS5. Which includes better lighting and enhanced graphics that will look much better on the PS5.

Nothing of the sort has been confirmed by Sucker Punch or Sony so take this with a grain of salt until there is an actual announcement. With the PS5 coming out later this year, it is safe to say that Infamous for PS5 would release next year. With Ghost of Tsushima so close to release, it makes sense that another game is already in early development.


If we look at other games such as Horizon Zero Dawn, Guerrilla games confirmed that they started working on the sequel after the release of the first game. With that in mind, if a new Infamous game is in the works, then we might not hear about it for some time.

Let us know what you think about an Infamous game coming to PS5 and whether or not that is something that you might be interested in playing on the next-generation console.


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