Neon Abyss has multiple pets but what do they do? Is it worth getting pets in Neon Abyss? In this guide, we will discuss everything we know about pets, pet abilities, and more. Based on the following information you will be able to figure out who the best pets are.


Neon Abyss Pets and Pet Abilities

Developer Team 17 has added many pets via the egg system in Neon Abyss. Instead of making players buy pets or grind for them, pets can simply be extracted from eggs. As you play the game, you will come across many different eggs. The eggs will follow you around everywhere you go. Not every egg has a pet inside, sometimes when an egg hatches it’ll be empty.

Pets come in all shapes and sizes in Neon Abyss and they possess various abilities. However, not all pets are helpful little creatures. Some pets will allow you by stealing your pick-ups or change them into something else.

Pets  Abilities 
Alien Baby  Shoots a homing bullet at enemies 
Adam  Targets enemies automatically 
Blue Brick  Blocks incoming bullets. Chance of getting a blue brick on death 
Blue Doctor  Gathers heat and has a chance to deploy shields. Drops random shields on death 
Eight Ball  Blocks incoming bullets 
Fire Devil  Shoots fireballs 
Wild Monkey  Fires bullets 
Zombie Sister  Shoots poison bullets. Splits into zombie sisters 
Vibrant Ball  Blocks all type of incoming bullets, explodes on death 
Tiny Mummy  Blocks bullets and has a chance of firing two bullets when attacked 
Snow Boy  Throws snowball to freeze enemies 
Sea Monster   Damages enemies on contact 
Rock  Blocks bullets 
Flame Devil  Shoots two fireballs, shoots a giant fireball on death 
Flower  Shoots split bullets, protects you from incoming damage 
Peter  Gathers hearts and brings moldy hearts. Drops hearts on death 
Little Panda  Shoots two bouncy bullets 
Jack  Shoots bullets in random directions 
Ghost Baby  Shoots penetrating bullets. Gives damage protection from enemies on death 
Grabber  Gathers coins and gives random pickups. Drops coins on death 
Iron Windmill  Does melee damage, gives 3 angry spirits on death 

 These were all of the pets and their abilities from Neon Abyss. For more on the game check out the Wiki page.



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