Neon Abyss is a crazy adventure game that allows players to choose between multiple characters. In total, there are 10 characters in Neon Abyss. Each character has its own skills and abilities, HP, Keys, and Bombs.


All Neon Abyss Characters

The following are all of the characters you can play within the game. 

Name  Description  Skill and Abilities  HP  Keys  Bombs 
Wade  War reporter with combat skills.    3  1  1 
Anna  SPARK’s best agent    4  1  n/a 
Matt  A stuntman who can perform some difficult moves  Press E to toll forward  3  n/a  n/a 
Lucas  A retired soldier who likes explosions  Use E to place mine  3  n/a  n/a 
R-6  A highly intelligent robot  Can use shields only. Can preview item descriptions without picking up  3 


1  1 
James  A hitman and weapons expert  Can carry two guns. Press E to switch between guns  2  1  n/a 
Ming  An outgoing gamer and animal lover  Higher egg hatching success. Press ESC to cancel the hatching  3  1  n/a 
Zack  A proud descendant of royalty. An expert swordsman  Dash to deal melee damage to enemies. Hold E to Dash  2  n/a  n/a 



A test subject from secret experiments. Expert with a katana  Two battle forms for ranged and melee attacks. Press E to switch between gun and katana  4  n/a  n/a 


A test subject from Titan’s secret experiment. Has mental abilities  Can preview item descriptions before pick-up. He loses one heart constrainer each level and can fly when there are no heart constrainers left  6  n/a  n/a 

 If you need more help with the game check out the Neon Abyss Wiki page.


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