There are a bunch of new accessibility and controller settings in the Need For Speed Unbound that give various options. However, recently there have been reports of the controller creating a few problems for PC Need For Speed Unbound players.

The controller on the PC either fails to connect to the system or spontaneously disconnects in the middle of the game. Sometimes, the controller may switch to a different control scheme without warning. To tackle that, you can try a bunch of fixes to fix the controller issue.

Fix #1: Launch The Game & Steam As An Administrator

Sometimes, having the game launched without administrator privileges leads to many issues, including the current one we’re dealing with, i.e., the faulty controller connection on the PC.

To proceed with this fix, go to the game’s directory. It is in the installation location of the game. Then, right-click on the game’s executable and then select Properties. Then head to the Compatibility tab and scroll down to the check box next to Run This Program as an Administrator. Click on it and then Apply it to save the changes. Please do this for Steam and NFS Unbound executable files.

Fix #2: Re-Enable Controller Configuration On Steam

This fix applies to Steam users who are playing the game through Steam. In this fix, you’ll be reconfiguring the Steam Controller settings to resolve your PC’s faulty controller connection issue. First, go to the main settings page of the launcher of Steam and then click on Settings. Then, go to the Controller section. Then, select General Controller Settings to launch the Steam controller configuration menu. Then, vary the controller preference to your liking. Make sure to put a checkmark on the controller names beside your played platform. Also, check the box next to Guide Button Focuses Steam. Then, restart NFS Unbound, and you’re good to go.

NFS Unbound is a great game; however, issues like the controller not working on the PC take away from the perfect experience. We hope that one of the above fixes was able to fix this issue for you and your controller is no longer causing any problems in the game. If you are facing errors and issues with other PC games or your PC, then also see our hub for commonly occurring PC errors and their fixes.

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