Need for Speed Unbound is the new NFS game in the franchise and it does have its twists when it comes to gameplay and story. If you are a fan of the franchise and are interested in completing the game 100% then there are plenty of achievements and trophies that you need to earn. In this Need For Speed Unbound guide, we go over all the trophies and achievements that you need to earn in order to complete the game 100%.

Note that you cannot get all the trophies in the game by sticking to either story or online mode. You will need to play both in order to complete the game 100%.

All Need For Speed Unbound Achievements (Trophies)

The following are all the trophies or achievements in Need for Speed Unbound and how you can earn them:

Trophy/Achievement NameHow To Unlock
The Need for Speed!Get all trophies/achievements
The Bear ChampSmash all bear collectibles
Most WantedEscape a Heat 5 cop chase
New CrewComplete Qualifier 1
Oh, It’s OnComplete Qualifier 2
Lake Better Watch OutComplete Qualifier 3
Found FamilyComplete the Grand
Hey LakeshoreComplete the prologue
AdbustingBreak all billboard collectibles
Heaven SpotCollect all street art collectibles
In The ZoneGet 3 stars on all Speed Run activities
Frequent FlyerGet 3 stars on all Long Jump activities
Catch My DriftGet 3 stars on all Drift Zone activities
Caught On CameraGet 3 stars on all Speed Trap activities
Cleaning UpCollect all collectibles and get 3 stars on all activities
Serious GuapBank $75,000 during one session
Cash Money MillionaireEarn $1,000,000 in story mode
Flow MasterScore 250,000 during a Takeover event
In the FlowScore 200,000 during a Takeover event
Rebel Without a PauseComplete 30 street races in story mode
Style it OutComplete 10 Takeover events
Rydell’s RydesFully upgrade your story garage
Escape ArtistEscape a Heat 5 cop chase in an A+ car
Public EnemyTake down 5 cops within a single session
UntouchableEscape 50 cop chases
Access All AreasFully upgrade your Lakeshore Online garage
Full HouseComplete a Lakeshore Online playlist with 7 other players
B for My NameWin a Tier B Lakeshore Online playlist
Bring Your A GameWin a Tier A Lakeshore Online playlist
Teacher’s PetWin a Tier A+ Lakeshore Online playlist
SuperstarWin a Tier S Lakeshore Online playlist
Top Billin’Win a Tier S+ Lakeshore Online playlist
MixtapeComplete 25 Lakeshore Online playlists
#BlessedOwn 10 vehicles in your story mode garage
The CollectorOwn 10 vehicles in your Lakeshore Online garage
Hey Speedie!Reach 200MPH in story mode
100 Miles and Runnin’Drive a total of 100 miles in story mode
Throwing up TagsCustomize your Driving Effects
Fashion KillaCustomize your clothing
Cool WhipApply a custom wrap to your ride
Kick itUse max Burst Nitrous 5 times during Lakeshore Online events
Drop the BeatUse max Burst Nitrous 5 times during story mode events

These are all the trophies or achievements that you need to earn in order to platinum Need for Speed Unbound and complete the game 100%. If you are interested in learning more then you can check out our beginner’s guide for some helpful tips and tricks. For more content, check out our Need for Speed guides hub.

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