Reputation or REP is one of the currencies in Need for Speed Heat along with Bank. Reputation is the currency that impacts your profile and can be useful a lot.


The more REP you have the better as you can take part in some cool races etc. This guide will include all the details on how to earn REP fast in Need for Speed Heat so that you can have an impact on the world.

Need for Speed Heat Earn REP Quickly

As you already know that there are two times you can drive and race. One is the daytime in which you earn Bank through competing in races. Nighttime is the time when you can earn Reputation.

Reputation is very important in NFS Heat as most places you visit to buy upgrade items for your car depending upon your REP. If you don’t have enough REP, they won’t sell you the upgrades and would want you to have higher REP.


Your reputation has a good impact on other players who see you as a good rival. At nighttime, you can build up REP fast by intentionally bumping into the police so that they try to chase you.

Once you have enough heat under you the reputation will increase.

After you lose the police go to the illegal street races available and check the race with the highest REP. Now because of high REP races, your only goal will not be to win the race.

During the race police will enter the race because of your heat and chase you so on top of winning the race you need to escape the cops too.


Once the race is over but the cops are still chasing you try losing them quickly by going off roads, taking shortcuts and heading to the garage.

Once that is done go to the garage to end the night and see how much REP you have gained from a single race only. Because of your high heat police will try to chase you more often now.

This is how you can easily farm REP quickly in Need for Speed Heat. For more help on NFS Heat, check out our Car Repairing Guide, Errors & Fixes Guide, and Money Farming Guide.