The cops in Need for Speed Heat are a literal pain. These annoying policemen will try to catch you for seriously anything. Crashing or bumping into other cars or people around the cops can give them a reason to chase you relentlessly. Even going off the road can make a cop follow you. Shaking off the cops in NFS Heat is tough but can be done with skill and determination. Today in this guide we will discuss in detail ways to lose the cops in Need for Speed Heat.


Lose Cops in Need for Speed Heat

The following is what you need to know about getting rid of the police in Need for Speed Heat:

General Tips

Cops literally don’t like anything at all. Obviously the nighttime illegal races won’t go unnoticed by the law.

The cops are marked as red arrows on the map and at most times they can be seen.


However, sometimes they don’t show up on the map or you are just going too fast to notice them then you will be chased.

Escaping is the only option left for you now. Escaping requires you to leave the small circular area on the map where the police are chasing you.

The circle will move with the police and if you are near them escaping can be hard.

Once you take detours and go at full speed to avoid them you will leave the circle and you must remain outside it for 15+ seconds before they calm down a bit.


Once they calm down and go back the “Escaped” icon will appear. While running away from the cops some useful advice would be that you try to constantly check them in the mini-map.

They tend to move around the signals in the street so be careful going full speed and crossing signals. Don’t mess with them if you know you can’t handle them.


Even though running away from the persistent cops can be hard there are some upgrades you can make to your car to improve your chances of leaving them in the dust.

Some of the upgrades can only be available after some time when you have enough reputation for the upgrades to appear.


The first upgrade is the radar disruptor that is available at REP Level 8.

This piece of tech decreases the time you have to run away from the cop’s circular range which I mentioned before.

The more you upgrade this skill or whatever the more it will benefit you in running away.

The next upgrade is the kill switch jammer which allows you to totally be invincible against the kill switch attacks once activated.

The more you upgrade this the more useful it becomes in chases.

The next is the damage reduction which as the name refers to is that it reduces damage taken.

This upgrade is unlocked at Level 15 and to be quite honest wouldn’t help you much generally in the chase.

But there are some moments when the police try to crash into you or you hit the roadblocks or other vehicles instead of your car taking a lot of damage.

Thus you end up getting arrested because your car is broken down but with this upgrade, you will instead be safer.

The last ones are the nitrous enhancements and the engine enhancements both are pretty useful.

As you will need constant nitro to drive fast away from the cops so you will need the maximum potential of the nitro.

Engine enhancements will increase the speed of your car and make it more stable. The more speed your cat has the more your chances to run away from the cops fast.

Benefits of the Chase

They won’t leave you once they start chasing you. Regardless, there are some benefits.

One of the few benefits is that if the cops start to chase you around town during nighttime and you manage to shake them off you can get REP.

One of the easiest ways to earn rep is to intentionally provoke the cops to chase you and then try to outrun them at nighttime.

This marks the end of our Need For Speed Heat Cops Guide. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on how you can leave or join a crew. You can also check out our guide on how you can repair your car in the game.