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NBA 2K23 Charlotte Hornets Ratings and Archetypes Guide


NBA 2K23 has some incredible teams, and Charlotte Hornets sit at 22 with 85 OVR. Charlotte Hornets don’t have a single player that made it to 90 OVR, which is a shame because players like LaMelo Ball and Terry Rozier III have been exceptional on the court recently.

LaMelo Ball and Terry Rozier III are the top players on the team, with 87 and 82 OVR, respectively. Meanwhile, Kai Jones sits at the bottom of the starting bench with a 72 OVR.

LaMelo BallPG/SGAll-Around Threat878275
Terry Rozier IIISG/PGOffensive Threat828170
Gordon HaywardSF/PFSharpshooter808375
Kelly Oubre Jr.SF/SG3-Level Scorer797884
P.J WashingtonPF/CInside-Out Scorer788080
Mason PlumleeCGlass-Cleaning Finisher755880
Cody MartinSF/SGInside-Out Scorer758275
Nick RichardsCInterior Finisher732580
Jalen McDanielsSF/PFStretch Four737965
Mark WilliamsCInterior Finisher723675
James BouknightSG3PT Shooter727885
Kai JonesC2-Way Shooter726980
Bryce McGowensSGAthletic Finisher707280
J.T ThorPFShot-Blocking Wing706570

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