One of the returning features in NBA 2K21 is ‘MyREP’ progression and rewards associated with it. As you push through the ranks of MyPlayer to reach ‘Legend’, you’ll continue to unlock a plethora of rewards along the way. These rewards include but aren’t limited to cosmetics, additional animations, and unlocking some badges. In this guide, we’ve detailed all you need to know about all the MyREP rewards in NBA 2K21.


NBA 2K21 MyREP Rewards

There are a total of 6 ranks, each one of which further has 3 tiers with the exception of Legend. While playing the game, you can check your MyREP progress by heading over to The Neighborhood, MyREP, and MyREP Progression. The following are all the tiers of MyREP rewards associated with different ranks:

Rookie Level I

  • Unlocks all the hair colors at Doc’s
  • Ability to customize jerseys at the NBA store
  • Ability to wear accessories in the Neighborhood
  • Buy hats and blings from Swag’s
  • Tier 1 emotes
  • Buy skateboard, beach cruiser, and scooter

Rookie Level II

  • Buy exclusive arm accessory from Swag’s

Rookie Level III

  • Customize MyCOURT backboard

Pro Level I

  • Tier 2 emote
  • Unlock skateboard, beach cruiser, and scooter emotes
  • Neighborhood gameplay animations
  • Legend jerseys at the NBA store
  • Tier 1 players
  • Low rider
  • Buy eyewear and backpacks

Pro Level II

  • Iron Wall badge
  • Buy exclusive arm accessory from Swag’s

Pro Level III

  • Customize MyCOURT scoreboard

All-Star Level I

  • Tier 3 emotes
  • Tier 2 player panels
  • Additional gameplay animations
  • Extra low rider animations
  • Pack Handles – Park Dribble moves in The Neighborhood
  • Hoverboard

All-Star Level II

  • Screen Crusher badge
  • Exclusive arm accessory
  • Exclusive eyewear

All-Star Level III

  • Unlock DJ equipment for The Neighborhood
  • Customize MyCOURT floors
  • Build your own ball in The Neighborhood
  • Customize MyCOURT mural

Superstar Level I

  • Ability to run around shirtless
  • Additional gameplay animations
  • Hoverboard animations
  • Tattoos for neck, back, and chest
  • Ability to spin the wheel twice
  • Trike becomes available at Wheels
  • Tier 4 emotes

Superstar Level II

  • Nothing Easy mode
  • Gym Rat badge

Superstar Level III

  • My own entrance!
  • MyCOURT mini-basketball game
  • Penthouse

Elite Level I

  • Tier 3 player panels
  • Tier 5 emotes
  • Trike animations
  • Ability to spin the Elite Wheel

Elite Level II

  • Create your own t-shirt
  • Takeover Booster

Elite Level III

  • Buy and shoot off fireworks
  • Chance to earn double VC
  • Buy mascots and Elite clothing items


  • Arrive in style
  • +10 badge points in every category
  • Legend player panel

These are all the MyREP progression rewards for The Neighborhood in NBA 2K21. You can check out our detailed NBA 2K21 wiki guides to learn more about the game.