Similar to earlier iterations of the NBA, there are a bunch of new locker codes that you can use in NBA 2K21. These are plain text codes that you can input in the ‘MyTeam’ section of the game to unlock a variety of rewards including cards, packs, tokens, virtual currency, etc.


Depending on the locker code, it may or may not have an expiration date – some codes expire roughly 7-10 days after being released while others remain usable as long as the game’s servers stay up. In this guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about all the different locker codes to use in NBA 2K21.

All Locker Codes in NBA 2K21

New locker codes are usually posted on the game’s official Twitter feed, MyTeam’s feed, and on NBA 2K21 website.

You can let us do all the hard work and keeping checking this page for more locker codes throughout the lifecycle of the game. You can expect 100s of locker codes to be added to the guide throughout the next year.

Locker Code Rewards Expires On
  • 1x Token
  • Shoe Pack
  • Contract Pack
  • Basketball Pack

How to Redeem Locker Codes?
To redeem a locker code, open up the main menu and go to the ‘MyTeam’ section. Once there, open up ‘Extras’ and select ‘Locker Codes’. This is where you’ll need to enter one of the locker codes mentioned above.

Once done, a mini-game will start with all possible rewards at the bottom of the screen. It’s all pretty self-explanatory. Complete the mini-game to claim your rewards.

If you’re interested in scanning your face in MyPlayer, you can check out our detailed Face Scan guide as well.

These are all the locker codes that I’ve got so far. Feel free to check out our detailed NBA 2K21 wiki guides for more tips and tricks.