Virtual Currency (VC) is the game’s primary currency that you need to upgrade your MyCareer character, three-point attributes, unlock new dribble moves, MyTeam packs, and other items. While the game offers you multiple ways of farming VC, answering different questions during NBA 2KTV is fairly easy. In this guide, we’ve shared all the correct answers to all the questions for NBA 2KTV episode 3.


NBA 2K21 2KTV Episode 3 Answers

In case you didn’t complete the previous weeks, in order to start answering, you’ll need to access the 2KTV from the main menu. Each episode is roughly around 15-20 minutes and you’ll be given a short window to answer the questions – since some questions only appear on the screen for a few seconds, you’ll need to be quick about it. For each question, you’ll earn around 100-300 VC. There are a total of 10 questions you can answer in the 3rd episode of 2KTV:

With 4 teams left in the bubble, who is your pick to win? Any Option
Where do you play most of your games? Any Option
Which part of NBA 2K21 is the most fun for you? Any Option
How many games have you won in the Neighborhood? Any Option
How many international players were featured in the 2020 All-Star game? 8
How many days of the week do you play 2K? Any Option
Who led the league in assists per game during the 2019-20 season? LeBron James
Which player has dished out the most assists in history? John Stockton
Which of the following playmaking badges do you use the most? Any Option
Vote for your #2KTVWOW Top Play of the Week. Choose any Highlight

As you can see from the answers provided above, most of the answers can be anything. There is only a handful of them that have specific answers but since there’s VC on the line, it doesn’t hurt to answer them all correctly! You’ll earn 1,300 VC in total from the 3rd episode.

And these are all the answers for 2KTV episode in NBA 2K21. For more helpful tips and tricks, you can check out our detailed NBA 2K21 wiki guides.