One of the easiest methods of earning VC in NBA 2K21 is to answer the questions asked in 2KTV. A new episode airs every Friday, giving players a chance to earn a few thousand VC rather quickly. Accessible from the main menu, the 2nd episode of 2KTV is approx. 15-20 minutes long and has you answer a total of 13 questions. For every correct answer, you’ll earn somewhere around 100-200 VC. In this guide, we’ve shared all the correct answers for episode 2 of 2KTV in NBA 2K21.


NBA 2K21 2KTV Episode 2 Answers

To answer a question, simply press the button prompt associated with it. Remember that some questions will only flash on your screen for a few seconds before disappearing so try to be quick about it. Another thing to keep in mind is that you can answer a majority of the questions with any choice you like – I’m talking about 70% of the questions. The remaining questions must be answered correctly which is where this guide comes in:

  • What game mode have you been playing?
  • Anything.
  • What was the first MyPLAYER build you created?
  • Anything.
  • What character does Michael K. Williams play?
  • Archie Baldwin.
  • In NBA 2K21’s MyCAREER story, what is Duke’s relationship to Junior?
  • Father.
  • Which college did you attend?
  • Anything.
  • In NBA 2K21’s MyCAREER story, which sport did Junior play before basketball?
  • Football.
  • Which team will finish with the better record?
  • Either.
  • How many badges have you earned?
  • Anything.
  • In NBA 2K21’s MyCAREER story, what is Junior’s high school mascot?
  • Eagle.
  • What is your preferred method of shooting?
  • Anything.
  • Who do you think is the best shooter in history?
  • Anything.
  • What is your favorite MyTEAM game mode?
  • Anything.
  • Vote for your #2KTVWOW Top Play of the Week.
  • Vote on a Highlight.

These are all the NBA 2K21 2KTV episode 2 answers to help you earn additional VC. Feel free to check out our detailed NBA 2K21 wiki guides.