If you are starting the NBA 2K20 MyTeam mode you should read this article to know all the tips that might prove beneficial to you. This article will include all the details on how to get more MT by grinding the right modes and either spending currency on specific players or not. Don’t worry if you don’t have the Legend version because this guide will include details on how to cover up for the 50K MT and other currency you might get.

NBA 2K20 MyTeam Guide

Once you start the game head on over to the MyTeam bar and start off your own Team. Basically how it works is that you have to select a team of your choice firstly. Once the team is selected you will be a lot of things like the stadium card of your team and their home and away uniforms and more. Now your main objective is to save up tons of VC and MT so that you can buy card packs or upgrade your current players talents and whatnot.

MyTeam Tips and Tricks

Now you have a few game mode options available. There is Domination, TTO, Triple Threat Offline, and Challenges. Our tip here is that try them all out challenges obviously proceed as you do any mode. Domination is easy this time around as you don’t have to get a specific number of points. Just winning will do the trick, there are categories though like 1-3 star which is like difficulty. Triple Threat Offline might be the best fan-favorite mode at the moment because of constant rewards for the grind.

Okay so if you want a lot of MT quick you should focus on one game mode and play it a lot so that you can get a ton of MT from it. If you have the legend edition NBA 2K20  you will get 50k MT which can help you out a lot in making your dream team but do keep in mind that these 50k MT can be spent well later in Winter than now. Another tip is to get access to Auction House right away so that you can buy good players at a lower price. You will face off with squads online and the squads you face will improve so the Auction House is a must.

You’ll start off by making a lot of MT so try saving them and don’t waste them on cards because it will be a total worthless investment. I know that you want good ballers like Lebron James, Russell Westbrook and more but you can save MT for later. You can complete the Dwyane Wade spotlight challenges to earn Dwyane Wade for free. He can easily be upgraded to Ruby rank or above around the end of your 15+ matches.

As I said above that MT might be very useful in Winter as compared to now another thing is the Token Rewards. These tokens are very useful right now and you can get great use of little tokens right now which will become useless in Winter. You can exchange tokens back to the game for player cards and not just ordinary player cards but even Emeralds or Pink Diamonds. Good cards at the start of the year are gonna lose their value over time and newer cards are gonna take their place. This is basically how not only NBA 2K20 MyTeam works, but every other installment as well.

You can sell popular high rated cards you own right now at the Auction House for MT. Popular cards degrade over time and will lose their value. For example, if you own a 20k MT card and it drops down to 10K MT or lower and you will regret not selling it. If you do not own the Legend edition and don’t get the 50K MT and some VC then don’t stress yourself. Just focus on daily and weekly challenges and you will get a lot of MT fast.

You can focus on grinding Domination so that your MT collection increases. Obviously the main point of playing the game is having fun and not like you are doing an obligatory action. You can make the team of your choice to have fun and play with your friends and siblings. So don’t stress yourself if you think you aren’t grinding enough for MT just lay back and have fun because that’s the most important thing at the end of the day.