NARAKA: BLADEPOINT is a new Battle Royale with a total of 60 players on the map fighting for the victory. The last remaining player or squad stands victorious. However, there are a lot of elements in the game to master and to get a hold of. You will also need to master the skill of parrying and countering your enemy’s attacks and this guide will just let you know how you can do so.


In NARAKA: BLADEPOINT, you will be engaging in a fight with many enemies. You can parry these attacks, and counter them by hitting your enemy back and dealing them damage. You will have to look for a blue glowing outline around your character, this is when you can parry the enemy’s attack.

Once this blue outline appears, you can parry, block, and counter any incoming attack.

This is a very situational ability and you might not get the timing right every time you parry or block an attack. To parry, block and counter an attack, you will need to press the left and right mouse buttons at the same time.

If you are playing on a console, you can block the enemy attack by clicking the R1 and R2 buttons simultaneously. Doing this will successfully block the incoming attack and then you can parry and counter the attack. You can stun your enemies with this move or even disarm them using this ability in NARAKA: BLADEPOINT.

You should also keep in mind that you must not use this ability if you have a slow weapon. It would be much more difficult to counter an enemy’s attack with a faster weapon. You might also get blocked by enemies if you are using a slow weapon. We recommend using this ability to knock down an enemy, after dealing maximum damage to them.

This is all we have got in how to perform a parry in NARAKA: BLADEPOINT. For more help on the game, feel free to check out our detailed NARAKA: BLADEPOINT wiki page.

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