Naraka Bladepoint is the new melee battle royale game that makes you a ninja. If you are new to the game and want to become better then you have come to the right place. In this Naraka Bladepoint beginner’s guide, we are going to give you some tips and tricks to become the ultimate ninja.

Naraka Bladepoint Tips And Tricks

The following are some tips and tricks that you should keep in mind when playing Naraka Bladepoint:

Learn The Fundamentals

While you might be tempted to jump into the actions but we recommend learning the fundamentals first. In order to do that we recommend checking out the tutorial rather than skipping it. It will give you a great idea about the basics.

Try The Training Mode

This is going to allow you to practice. Learn to time your counters right and practice in order to be able to deal with actual enemies. You can also learn about different weapons here and how they act when you attack.

Learn Weapon Combos

Spamming the attack button is not going to make you much of a ninja. We recommend learning the basic combos of weapons so that you can parry focus attacks. This will disarm your opponent for a while. Do note that parries are not going to be useful against regular attacks. So you do need to be careful about that.

Get Better Armor Rather Than Weapons

You can do a lot with a lower-tier weapon with some skill but your survivability is going to decrease with lower-tier armor. That is why we recommend prioritizing better armor rather than better weapons.

Use The Grappling Hook To Find Enemies

You can use the grappling hook to locate enemies. The targeting reticule is going to turn red when you target an enemy. It is also going to display a red target above the head of the enemy as long as the reticule is near the position of the enemy.

If you can land a hit on the enemy using the grappling hook then the target will be stunned. This will leave the target open to a counterattack or two.

Do Not Ignore Souljades

The Souljades are the green items that provide different effects and buff. Some can increase your health while others increase your resistance to melee or ranged attacks. Some can even make you invisible when you dash. Use these to your advantage rather than forgetting about them.

Stealth Is Your Friend

You can ambush enemies that are unaware of danger nearby. You can hide on the top of roofs and then jump on top of enemies. You can also crouch and hide in bushes. When an enemy passes by you can attack from behind.

Top Off And Repair Your Weapons

Once you are out of a fight remember to top off your health and armor. You should also repair your weapon and replace consumables that you have used.

Do Not Try To Be The Hero

If you are outnumbered then you are not going to win the fight. It is better to run away and fight another day.

Patience Can Pay Off

When you see two teams fighting each other, wait for them to finish. When one side wins, it is going to stop to loot and heal. That is the time when you should attack and make most of the situation.

These are some tips that you should keep in mind when playing Naraka Bladepoint.

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