Claim the Flame is one of the story missions in the Myths of the Eastern Realm DLC. During this story quest, you will come across another detailed puzzle. In this guide, we will go through everything you need to know about Claim The Flame puzzle solution.


Myths Of The Eastern Realm Claim The Flame Puzzle Solution

There is a cube puzzle in the game near the furnace in this quest. It is to the right of the furnace, there is a cage with coal inside it. To the cage’s left side area and get the blue cube and take it to the right side of the cafe to the pressure pads. Put the cube to the pad closest to the cage and hit it to expand its size.

Stand on the empty pressure pad and pull the cube down from the ledge above. Place the cube on the pad you’re standing on to make sure the yellow walls aren’t activated yet.

Head inside the ledged area and recover the two small cubes. Bring them to them down and place them on the empty pressure pads, the ones near the blue box’s original position. This will open the coal cage, recover it and throw it inside the furnace.

Now go to the final marked location where you will see a coal cage and a stone ruin. There is a blue box behind a yellow barrier near the stone ruin. Shoot an arrow through the grate to deactivate the yellow barrier. Go inside the shoot the cube again to trap yourself inside. Pull the box down from above and place it on the pressure pad, and shoot the first cube again to shrink it.

Take the cube place put it on the pressure pad near the coals. Get the second box now and place it on the other pressure pad.

And that’s how you complete the Claim the Flame puzzle in Myths of the Eastern Realm DLC. Need more help see, My Heavens walkthrough, The Legend Himself puzzle solution, Sky Dragons puzzle solution.