Myth of Empires Cooking Recipes Guide

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One of the key aspects of Myth of Empires is Cooking and to do you need to have the right recipes and ingredients in your possession. There are a ton of different food items that you can cook on the campfire. In this guide, we will discuss all the cooking recipes available in Myth of Empires.

Myth of Empires Cooking Recipes

Food Item  Recipe 
Cooked Locust  4x Locust 
Cooked Meat  1x Raw Meat 
Roasted Scorpion  1x Scorpion 
Roasted Toad  1x Toad 
Pickled Meat 
  • 3x Raw Meat 
  • 1x Edible Salt 
Cooked Fish  1x River Fish 
Salted Fish  1x Cooked Fish 

1x Edible Salt 

  • 1x Delicate Flour 
  • 4x Meat Paste 
  • 2x Sand Onion 
Sand Onion and Fish Porridge 
  • 2x Sand Onion 
  • 2x Good Rice 
  • 2x Xun Fish 
  • 1x Edible Salt 
Fresh Meat Cake 
  • 2x Fine Flour 
  • 2x Meat Paste 
  • 1x Clove 
Tofu Fish Porridge 
  • 1x Tofu 
  • 2x Plump Rice 
  • 3x Bass Fish 
  • 1x Crude Salt 
Meat and Vegetable Porridge 
  • 4x Loach 
  • 2x Low-quality Rice 
  • 1x Cove 
Bean Sauce Porn Bun 
  • 2x Crude Flour 
  • 1x Meat Paste 
  • 1x Soybean Paste 
Premium Xiaoqu Liquor Wine 
  • 2x Premium Xiaoqu Liquor 
  • 20x Sorghum 
  • 10x Premium Wheat 
  • 1x Realgar 
Premium Daqu Liquor Wine 
  • 2x Premium Daqu Liquor 
  • 20x Sorghum 
  • 10x Premium Wheat 
  • 2x Realgur 
Steamed Bun With Soy Sauce 
  • 2x Flour 
  • 1x Soybean Paste 
Pea Porridge 
  • 1x Low-quality Rice 
  • 12x Pea 
  • 1x Edible Salt 
Bean Rice 
  • 14x Poor Soybean 
  • 1x Low-quality Rice 
  • 1x Edible Salt 
High-quality Xiaoqu Liquor Wine 
  • 2x High-quality Xiaoqu Liquor 
  • 25x Sorghum 
  • 7x High-quality Wheat 
  • 1x Realgur 
High-quality Daqu Liquor Wine 
  • 2x High-quality Daqu Liquir 
  • 25x Sorghum 
  • 7x High-quality Wheat 
  • 2x Realgur 
Common Daqu Liquor 
  • 3x Pea 
  • 2x Common Barley 
  • 1x Eclipta 
Wheat Rice 
  • 1x Flour 
  • 1x Low-quality Rice 
  • 1x Edible Salt 
Steamed Corn Bread 
  • 1x Sorghum Flour 
  • 1x Flour 
Soybean Paste 
  • 5x Pea 
  • 6x Poor Soybean 
  • 1x Crude Salt 
Meat Paste 
  • 4x Raw Meat 
  • 1x Edible Salt 
Crude Daqu Liquor 
  • 2x Crude Daqu Liquor 
  • 15x Sorghum 
  • 3x Low-quality Wheat 

That’s everything you need to know to cook food in Myth of Empires. Need more help? See How to Level Up Fast, How to Plant Seeds, Cheat Codes.

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