While exploring and avoiding sentinels are key components of the game, you will encounter puzzles in Stray and your progression will be blocked by codes. These add a fun twist to the game. In this Stray guide, we are going to go over what the mysterious safe password is.

Stray Mysterious Safe Password

You will need to look around in order to find out the password. B-12 will prompt you that the code can be deciphered on a piece of paper. You can take it to Elliot to learn about the password. Off the alleyway, take a left to go to Elliot’s place. Here you will find two bots on the floor. Scratch the door and it will be opened. You can then head over to the second floor and talk to Elliot.

You will learn that the code on the paper means Duffer Bar. You need to head over to the bar and jump on the counter where the red neon sign is. Scratch the painting on top of the sign and the code will be revealed. The code is 1283.

Stray Mysterious Safe Password

Now that you know what the code is, you can head over back to the mysterious safe and enter it and you will get one of the music sheets. This will let Morusque play a new song. You can collect all of the music sheets for the Meowlody trophy. The code is not random and should be the same for everyone.

This is the password for the mysterious safe in Stray and how you can open it. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our Stray guides hub.

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