In “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3” (MW3) Zombies mode, managing the threat of Hellhounds is crucial for survival. This guide will delve into the effective use of Cryo Freeze Ammo to slow down these menacing creatures, enhancing your gameplay experience and survival strategies.


Every Method Of Getting Cryo Freeze Ammo

Aether Caches: These caches, often found in Infested Strongholds or Aether Nests, are a primary source of Cryo Freeze Ammo. They are distinguished by purple crystals and contain various ammo mods.

Crafting Ammo: If you’ve completed the ‘Take Up Arms’ mission in Act 1, you’ll receive some Cryo Freeze Ammo. If not, you can craft it using schematics found in Aether Caches, loot chests, or Reward Rifts. Crafting doesn’t require materials, but there is a cooldown period before the ammo can be used again.

Using Cryo Freeze Against Hellhounds In MW3 Zombies

Opt for a semi-automatic weapon without upgrades. This is crucial because Hellhounds die quickly, and you want to slow them without killing them instantly. A weapon like the DM56 is recommended for this purpose​.

Equip the Cryo Freeze Ammo Mod on a weaker weapon, such as a handgun, to apply the slowing effect without outright killing the Hellhounds. This tactic is particularly effective in medium threat zones.

Tip: Aim to shoot the Hellhounds in a manner that applies the slowing effect without killing them. High firepower weapons should be avoided as they can kill the Hellhounds before the slow effect is applied.

To ensure a steady stream of targets, activate contracts that spawn zombies and Hellhounds at your location.

Tactical Tips For MW3 Zombies

  • Map Awareness: Knowing the locations of Aether Caches and Infested Strongholds is key to efficiently obtaining Cryo Freeze Ammo.
  • Ammo Management: Since the loot from Aether Caches is randomized, be prepared for situations where Cryo Freeze Ammo or its schematics might not be immediately available.
  • Balance Firepower: The challenge lies in balancing the weapon’s firepower with the goal of slowing, not killing, the Hellhounds.

Best Loadout For Cryo Freeze Ammo In MW3 Zombies

When gearing up to use Cryo Freeze Ammo against Hellhounds in MW3 Zombies, selecting the right loadout is crucial for maximizing efficiency and survivability.

Primary Weapon

  • Semi-Automatic Rifles: Ideal for applying the slow effect without excessive damage. Models like the DM56 offer a balance between rate of fire and control.
  • Handguns: A secondary option, handguns are perfect for tactical, controlled shots that apply the Cryo effect without instantly killing the Hellhounds.

Secondary Weapon

  • SMGs or Shotguns: These serve as a backup for situations where you’re overwhelmed or need to deal with threats other than Hellhounds.

Make sure to have a Gas Mask around to ensure safety while looking for Aether Caches to get more Cryo Freeze Ammo. I also recommend having some Flashbangs or smoke grenades for cover or disorient enemies in tight situations.


  • Scavenger: To ensure a steady supply of ammo.
  • Quick Hands: For faster reloading and weapon switching, crucial in high-pressure situations.

Field Upgrades

  • Frost Blast or Energy Mine: Complements the Cryo Freeze Ammo by providing crowd control and area denial.

Since Cryo Freeze Ammo can be scarce, conserve it for Hellhounds and use regular ammo for standard zombies. In co-op play, coordinate with teammates. While one player focuses on slowing Hellhounds, others can cover or target other threats.