High on Life is heavy on comedy and the primary pistol, Kenny will constantly crack jokes and keep talking while you are progressing through the game. If you are not into that then you can shut Kenny up. In this High on Life guide, we go over how you can mute Kenny or your gun.

How To Shut Your Gun Up (Mute Kenny)

You will find Kenny pretty early on in the game. He can be useful in the early parts of the game as he provides tips for progression. But he is also going to crack jokes and comment on how you look as well as the world around you. It can get pretty annoying. To mute Kenny, you simply need to head into the game menu and select the settings option. Head into the audio menu and find audio levels. This is where you will find the audio levels for the enemies and gun chatter.

You can pick Frequent, Occasional, and None. By default, this is set to Frequent, which is why Kenny can’t stop talking. You can reduce this to Occasional if you want Kenny to talk from time to time but if you do not want a single word out of the gun then you can turn the level down to none. It is worth mentioning that even when the level is turned down to None, Kenny will say something when it is essential.

This is how you can mute your gun, Kenny in High on Life. If you are interested in learning more then you can check out our guide on how you can increase your max health in the game.

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