Spectrum Gatling is one of the three Science Weapons added to The Outer Worlds with Murder on Eridanos DLC. The weapon continues to increase its fire rate with each shot having an alternate damage type. The number of damage types, however, depends on the ‘Science’ skill of the wielder. In this guide, we’ve detailed everything there’s to know about how to unlock the Spectrum Gatling Science Weapon in Murder on Eridanos for The Outer Worlds.

The Outer Worlds: Murder on Eridanos Spectrum Gatling Science Weapon

To unlock the Spectrum Gatling, players need to complete the quest called ‘At the End of the Spectrum’. In order to start the quest, travel to Purpleberry Orchards, RR&DD Building and select ‘View Lab Notes’ after interacting with the terminal. To complete the quest, players need to find a total of eight vodka bottles in the area. These are:

  1. Spectrum Green
  2. Spectrum Orange
  3. Spectrum Yellow
  4. Spectrum Red
  5. Spectrum Blue
  6. Spectrum Black
  7. Spectrum Indigo
  8. Spectrum Violet

Green, Orange, Yellow, Red
The first four can easily be found by searching the corpses and exploring the RR&DD laboratories.

Spectrum Blue
There’s an engineer standing near a table in the middle of the island. The table has Spectrum Blue on it.

Spectrum Black
There are a lot of Spectrum Black bottles in the picnic area located toward the west side of the RR&DD area. Just pick any of them.

Spectrum Indigo
To find Spectrum Indigo, players need to head inside the Groundkeeper’s Shack toward the west side of the RR&DD area. Once inside, check the corner with a lot of boxes to find it.

Spectrum Violet
For the final vodka bottle, players need to head inside the office of Dr. Blossom. Once inside the office, pick up the Office Keycard and the Spectrum Violet from the table.

After getting all eight vodka bottles, return to the terminal which is connected to the Spectrum Gatling Science Weapon, and use the Office Keycard to acquire it. As simple as that!

That’s all we’ve got in how to get the Spectrum Gatling Science Weapon in The Outer Worlds: Murder on Eridanos. Feel free to check out our detailed Murder on Eridanos wiki guides for more help on DLC.

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