If you have played Nintendo’s stage fighter, then you must already be familiar with the concept of Edgeguarding. Basically, players are allowed to go off stage, and their opponents can stop them from coming back into the arena; this is known as Edgeguarding. Usually, knockback moves are used to push back opponents trying to get back inside the stage.

How to Edgeguard in MultiVersus

The concept sounds easy to do but actually doing it is hard. To edgeguard, the first thing you need is to make sure you don’t consume all of your jumps, air dodges, and specials. Set some aside for your own recovery while edgeguarding. But if you get low on these, you can replenish some by wall clinging when you are off stage or by landing on stage.

Practicing the moves used to edgeguard is the best way to do it. Even if you fail, it is fine! Practice those moves not only while edgeguarding but also on-stage. Last but not least, if your aim is good, you can use your projectiles to edgeguard opponents.

How to Counter Edgeguarding

If you are at the wrong end of edgeguarding, you must utilize your jump, air dodge, and specials. However, if you consume everything immediately in a panic, you’re not going to recover so the best thing to do is to make sure you don’t waste your jump, air dodge, and specials.

One of the best strategies is to wall cling as it helps you gain additional jumps, and using the right mix can help you recover. But you must be careful because the opponents can use their aerial attack to throw you down. You can use a reversal if the opponent is off-stage as well.

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