Muck Powerups Guide – All Powerups, Increased Speed, Increased Damage

Muck Powerups Guide

Muck is a game about survival by collecting resources and building a base with all the survival essentials. Powerups are one of the useful things that players need in the game and this Muck guide will help players with all of the Powerups in the game.

Muck Powerups

Powerups are basically stat buffs that players receive when they use the relevant items like food or a weapon attachment. The following are all of the powerups or stat boosts that players will get along with the items that will grant it. The powerups are divided by the type of buffs they grant.

Attack Powerups

As the name suggests, these powerups grants buffs to attacks, strength, critical chance, and more. The following are the food items that players can use in the Muck along with the stat boosts they grant.

  • Orange Juice (White) – Increases Attack speed
  • Dumbbeli (White) – Increased Base strength
  • Danis milk (Blue) – Stronger bones increase Damage
  • Horshoe (Blue) – Increased critical chance
  • Crimson knife (Blue) – Lifesteal
  • Bulldozer (Blue) – Chance to knock enemies back
  • Sniper Scope (Yellow) – Small chance to deal chunky damage
  • Adrenaline (Yellow) – Damage Boost when player health is below 30%
  • Knuts Hammer (Yellow) – Deals extra electric damage
  • Checkered Shirt (Yellow) – Increased damage to resources
  • Wings of glory (Yellow) – Deal bonus damage when falling
  • Berserk (Yellow)- The lower the health, the more damage player does

Health Powerups

The following food items will grant players health buffs like increased regeneration or increased health.

  • Broccoli (White) – Health Regeneration
  • Red pill (White) – Increase max hp
  • Blue Pill (White) – Increased shield
  • Dracule (Blue)- Permanently increases Max HP on kill

Movement Powerups

The following items grant players buff to movement like increased speed or increase in jump height.

  • Sneakers (White) – Increased Movement speed
  • Jetpack (White) – Increased Jump Height
  • Janniks Frog (Blue) – +1 jump

Miscellaneous Powewrups

These powerups don’t really fit in any other category.

  • Peanut butter (White) – +Stamina
  • Piggybank (Blue) – Better loot in chests

That is all for our Muck Powerups guide with tips on what items grant which type of buff.


  1. I’ve found a bit of a mistake in your text here. Piggybank increases 2 things, N1 chances of higher tier of loot from chests and N2 higher amount/tier of loot from Enemies killed (more stone from chunky and more). This bugs the game so if you have alot of Piggy Banks you can get a HUGE stack of stone due to it dropping a bigger stack.

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