Want to become a vassal in Mount and Blade 2? Our Mount And Blade 2 Bannerlord guide will help you step-by-step on how to become a Vassal as it comes with a lot of privileges and also, some penalties. This esteemed position offers not only power and influence but also a deeper immersion into the game’s rich political dynamics. But how does one transition from a roving adventurer to a respected vassal?


How To Become A Vassal

In the sprawling world of Calradia, your reputation, known as Renown, plays a pivotal role in determining your eligibility to become a vassal. Before you can even contemplate joining a kingdom as a vassal, you must first achieve Clan Tier 2. This is a testament to your accomplishments and standing in the world. Until this milestone is reached, your options are limited to being a mercenary or simply exploring the vast lands and engaging in various activities.

Taking the Mercenary Route

For those eager to align themselves with a faction before becoming a vassal, the mercenary path is an available option. As a mercenary, you’re not fully committed to the faction’s cause, but you do get to fight alongside them. This role offers a degree of autonomy, allowing you to command your troops even when aiding the faction in battles. Moreover, mercenaries are rewarded with a bonus in denari for their successful contributions in combat. This route is not only a way to earn some extra coin but also a method to accumulate Renown, propelling your clan closer to Tier 2.

To embark on the mercenary path, head to a city or castle within the territory of the faction you wish to join. Within these settlements, you’ll find keeps where lords congregate. Engage in conversation with a vassal of the faction. If your clan is at Rank 1, you’ll be presented with the opportunity to serve as a mercenary.

Becoming a Vassal

Once your clan reaches Tier 2, the doors to vassalage begin to open. However, it’s not as simple as just asking any lord. Only the leader of a faction has the authority to accept you as a vassal. These leaders are often found leading armies, making them somewhat elusive. To track them down, consult the faction’s menu and pinpoint the last known location of the leader. With a bit of persistence, you’ll eventually cross paths with them.

Upon meeting the faction leader, you can pledge your loyalty and service. In return, they will formally recognize you as a vassal. This new status grants you the privilege of obtaining fiefs and even summoning other lords of the faction to join your army. Commanding vast armies and overseeing lands are just some of the perks that come with being a vassal.

How To Leave A Faction

Of course, allegiances in Calradia can be as fleeting as the wind. If you ever decide that your current faction isn’t the right fit, you have the option to leave. As a mercenary, this process is relatively straightforward with minimal repercussions. However, as a vassal, the stakes are higher. Departing as a vassal presents you with a choice: retain your fiefs and risk war or relinquish them for a peaceful exit. Those with ambitions of establishing their own empire might see this as an opportunity to ignite a new conflict.

In the ever-shifting sands of Calradian politics, the journey from wanderer to vassal is one of strategy, combat, and diplomacy. Whether you choose the path of a mercenary or dive straight into the intrigues of vassalage, your decisions will shape the future of the realm. Choose wisely, and may your banner fly high over the lands of Calradia.

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