Our Mount And Blade 2 Bannerlord Tablut Guide will help you with the best possible strategy that’ll help you win at Tablut every time and double your betting money.


How To Win Tablut

Money or Gold is an important aspect of Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord which makes sense players would want a way to earn it fast and without much risk.

That is why Mount And Blade 2 Bannerlord features Tablut gambling. It’s a tavern game that is accessible in select taverns or you can play against certain nobles if you visit them in their keeps. It’s very easy to win the game and the only way to lose is if you make a mistake intentionally.

At the time of writing, Mount And Blade 2 Bannerlord is in Early Access and hence Tablut Gambling is imbalanced. Your experience can vary once the game launches.



Before we start how to win Tablut in Mount And Blade 2 Bannerlord let’s first take a brief look at how the game actually works.

In Tablut you have attackers (black) and defenders (white). The attackers outnumber the defenders but, the defenders don’t have to capture, instead, they have to protect the King. The King follows the same movement and capturing rules as the pawns.

Pawns can only move one tile either vertically or horizontally but, they can’t jump over other pawns. If the King leaves the center tile, the pawns can’t move on or over the center tile.

To capture, you must surround the pawn of the opposing color from both sides. Since pawn can’t move on or over the center tile, a pawn can be captured by blocking it with center tile on one side.


The defenders win when they can move their King to any edge of the board. The attackers win if they capture the King or if they can prevent all defenders from moving.

How To Win

Make sure you are playing as the defenders, not the attackers, and follow 4 steps explained below.

Never Move The King
While the winning condition of Tablut is that you can move the King to any edge o the board but, you can best defend it when it’s in the center. Move the King to the edges at the end of the game when enough enemy pawns are removed.

Quickly Take Enemy Pawns
Don’t hesitate or wait to remove enemy pawns. If you see a chance, then take it. This will not let the opponent get into an advantageous position.


Move The Pawn Back Where They Started
The starting position for defenders’ pawns is very important. As the game starts, the defender has ull control over the center 5×5 tiles of the board.

Using the starting positions, you can take a pawn quickly if they move next to one of yours, no matter the tile.

Make The Safest Move
If for some reason, your pawns are at the starting positions and you can’t take the enemy pawn then move your pawn to a safe position on the board. This will not only stall the opponent but, will open the opportunity for capturing the opponent’s pawn.

The defenders win when the attackers have only 6 pawns left. At this point, it’ll be very easy to move the King to the edge of the board. Once the King touches the edge tile, the game is won and the player has doubled his betting money.

That is all for our Mount And Blade 2 Bannerlord Tablut Gambling Guide with tips on how to win about every time. For more on the game also see our Best Single Women To Marry and How To Start A Caravan.


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