You will have 8 factions in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord. Each faction comes with its own unique characteristics. Choosing the best faction in Mount And Blade 2 can be a bit of a headache so in this guide, we will detail all of the factions you will come across and help you pick the best one depending on your gameplay style.


Mount and Blade 2: All Factions

Every faction you come across in the game is ancestral to Warband and possess some of their descendant factions’ traits. Moreover, you will notice that there are minor factions similar to bandits and mercenaries.

FactionRulerCapitalMinor FactionDescription
AseraiSultan UnqidQuyazJawwal, The  GhilmanThis faction inhibits the Southern desert of Calradia and use soldiers and horsemen in combat
BattaniaKing CaladogMarunathWolfskinsThey are excellent marksmen in Calradia
Khuzait  KhanateMonchugMakedKarakhuzaitsThey use plenty of horse archers
Northern EmpireSenator LuconDiathmaHidden Hand, Embers of the Flame, Legion of the BetrayedThe faction is led by aristocrat and senator Lucon.
Southern EmpireEmpress RhagaeaLycronHidden Hand, Embers of the Flame, Legion of the BetrayedArenicos’ wife Rhagaea.  According to her, Arenicos’ daughter and only child Ira should rule.
Western EmpireGariosJalmarysHidden Hand, Embers of the Flame, Legion of the BetrayedLed by  Garios  who wants Empire’s finest to choose the new Emperor
SturgiaPrince RaganvadBalgardSkolderbrotva, Sons of the ForestThey inhibit the southern desert of Calradia and use soldiers and horsemen in combat.
VlandiaKing DerthertGalendBrotherhood of the Woods, Company of the Golden BoarThe feudal stats specialize  in the heavy cavalry

Best Factions In Mount And Blade 2

  • The Western Empire
  • Valandia
  • The Northern Empire
  • Sturgia
  • Battania
  • The Khuzait Khanate

The Western Empire

The Western Empire, situated on the western fringes of the former Calradic Empire, boasts a strategic geographical advantage. Protected by natural chokepoints, it’s surrounded by factions that are relatively easier to handle. The Battanians and Sturgians to the north are not particularly formidable, while the Aserai and Southern Empire to the south are manageable due to the terrain. The Valandians to the west remain their primary challenge.


Valandia, located in the far east of the world map, is renowned for its spear-wielding infantry and formidable crossbowmen. Their crossbow units outclass most other ranged units in terms of range, accuracy, and damage. Geographically, their primary threat is the Western Empire. An interesting observation is that Valandia seems to have the best companion spawns, though the reason remains a mystery.


Northern Empire

The Northern Empire’s position on paper seems ideal, but in practice, they often struggle. They are surrounded by the relatively weaker Sturgia and Battania, with the Khuzait to the east and the Western Empire to the south. However, the AI’s resource management often leads to its downfall unless a player intervenes.


Sturgia, unfortunately, is often considered the weakest link. Despite a decent starting position, their AI’s passive nature often leads to their downfall. Joining them can be a unique challenge, requiring players to take the reins and lead the faction to glory.


Battania, in theory, seems like a strong faction, but they often find themselves at the mercy of stronger factions. Their initial position is surrounded by formidable opponents, leaving them with limited expansion options. Their strength in ranged combat is often countered by factions specializing in shield walls.

The Khuzait Khanate

The Khuzaits, horse lords of the east, are known for their cavalry prowess. Their vast territories are primarily threatened by the Empires to the west and the Aserai to the south. Their cavalry units are among the best, but their infantry leaves much to be desired.


Which Faction to Choose?

Your choice of faction should align with your playstyle and strategic preferences. If you prefer cavalry and open field battles, the Khuzaits might be your best bet. For those who like strategic positioning and defense, the Aserai or the Western Empire could be ideal. Remember, in the world of Calradia, alliances can change, and wars can erupt at any moment. Choose wisely, and may your banner fly high in the lands of “Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord.”

That marks the end of our Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord Factions guide. If you need more information about the game check out our Mount and Blade 2 Wiki.