In Mortal Shell you will find some of the most vicious enemies. You will lose plenty of health and recovery is important in Mortal Shell. The healing item you need is Weltcaps so you can heal your character. In this guide, we will discuss farming methods for Weltcaps in Mortal Shell. This key item can be the difference between winning and losing a boss fight. Weltcaps spawn at various locations and can be farmed via certain methods. In this guide, we will explain how to farm Weltcaps in Mortal Shell.


As I said, there are certain locations where this key item will spawn. Once you harvest one location it takes around 5 minutes before you can go back and farm it again. Follow the methods as I explain to get more Weltcaps in Mortal Shell.

How to Farm Weltcaps in Mortal Shell – Farming Tips and Tricks

Weltcaps farming isn’t as easy though as many enemies will be standing in your way.  While there are multiple spots for farming, the best and easy location is close to the starting area in Mortal Shell. You should head to the starting area, locations near the Fallgrim Tower for the best place to farm Weltcaps. Use the back door to exit to the Sester Genessa and go right. You will find Weltcaps behind some logs, head past a set of enemies, and across the swamp area to reach the 2x Weltcap spawn close to the camp. This will be the area where you started the game. Now look back and walk in the opposite direction into the swamp, then head left. When you reach the Inscription Rock turn right on the path with the lantern.

Go past the locked chest and another lantern will appear. You will reach an enemy playing the lute and near him, there are more Weltcaps. There are more enemies here so kill them and use the crawl space on the left side to reach the wooded area with bats. Locate the large three which has more Weltcaps behind it.  Now you need to go down the pathway behind the tree and past the camp where more enemies will give you trouble. Reach the Fallgrim Outskirts on your way to the Crypt of Martyrs. Look at the low ledge for the final Weltcaps in your quest to farm healing items in Mortal Shell.