Mortal Shell Ven Noctivagus Boss Guide – How to Beat Ven Noctivagus, Tips, Shells

Mortal Shell Ven Noctivagus

There are a plethora of mean, vicious bosses in Mortal Shell. But among the top dogs in Ven Noctivagu. In total Mortal Shell, you will come across Ven Noctivagu when you visit the Fallgrim Outskirts. Ven Noctivagu is located at the starting point of this location in Mortal Shell. In this guide, we will discuss tips and tricks so you know and understand how to beat Ven Noctivagu in Mortal Shell.

How to Beat and Find Ven Noctivagus in Mortal Shell

If you played the beta you already faced this enemy, a tough competitor yet an optional boss fight in Mortal Shell. You will find Ven Noctivagu hidden in the Falgrim  Outskirts. You have to track him down and kill it for additional XP and rewards. The first step is to find its exact location and for that, you need to enter the Falgrim Outskirts and take down two enemies near the campfire.

Once you manage to deal with the two enemies by the campfire look to your right to spot a hole covered with branches. Use whichever weapon you have to clear the branches to access Ven Noctivagu’s area. Ven Noctivagu can present a good challenge if you are not familiar with the game’s combat mechanics. It is best to get yourself adjusted to Mortal Shell’s combat before facing this boss. When you have enough experience and know Ven Noctivagu’s location you can come back any time to kill him.

You can use Harros or Tiel shells to beat Ven Noctivagu in Mortal Shell. Tiel can be unlocked by moving forward in the Catacombs where you’ll find it. Tiel Mortal Shell is for those who prefer speed and stamina so you can if you want these two traits, you can get this Shell and come back to fight Ven Noctivagu. Before fighting this boss you should also pick up some items from Vlaas like Roasted Rats.

Ven uses three main attacks; one is short-range claw attack with poison damage, second is the long-range grapple attack, and the third is a long-range dropkick. The latter two attacks only happen with you are out of his reach. You can predict this attack by keeping an eye on your Tarnished Seal which blinks red when an attack is coming. Use Harden to block both attacks and push Ven back him back but any attack you use against Ven will cause it to stagger, opening more opportunities of attack. Keep at him and pretty soon you will be able to beat Vlaas like a Roasted Rat in Mortal Shell.

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