Merchants in Mortal Shell are NPCs with whom you can trade, buy, and sell items. Scattered all around the world, these vendors deal in unique items and you’ll need to have Glimpses or Tar to buy their goodies. In this Mortal Shell guide, we’ve detailed the locations of all merchants and their inventories.


Mortal Shell Merchants Locations

Before we start, do note that these vendors don’t have an infinite amount of items in their inventories bar a few. With that said, the following are the locations of these merchants and their inventories:


You’ll find Vlas at the Fallgrim Tower, at the very top. You’ll need to head to the left side of the bell. Also, you can pet his cat if you’d like to. These are the items Vlas has in his inventory and their prices:

Roasted Rat Infinite 100 Tar
Inferior Moonshine 6x 150 Tar
Large Bolt Infinite 800 Tar
Scripture of Euphoria 4x 500 Tar
Quenching Acid 2x 2,500 Tar
Simple Lute 1x 600 Tar
Bronze Bell 1x 1,000 Tar
Golden Bell 1x 1,000 Tar
Effigy of Harros 2x 1,200 Tar
Tools 1x 8,000 Tar

Corrupted Sester

Corrupted Sester can also be found at Fallgrim, right before the entrance Eternal Narthex. It should be on the left side headed toward the Seat of Infinity.

Tainted Nektar 2x 250 Tar
Effigy of Harros Infinite 500 Tar
Effigy of Solomon Infinite 1,000 Tar
Effigy of Tiel Infinite 1,000 Tar
Effigy of Eredrim 2x 2,500 Tar
Forbidden Offering 1x 3,000 Tar

Awaken Sester Genessa

You can find her in all the major locations e.g. Fallgrim Tower, Temple Grounds, Martyr’s Altar, Dim Gate, etc. Once you’ve bought all the abilities for a shell, you’ll be able to teleport to any of her locations.

Mortal Token 20x 2 Glimpse
Spectral Token 20x 2 Glimpse
Ornate Token 20x 2 Glimpse
Etherial Diapason 1x 5 Glimpse
Untarnished Mask 2x 3 Glimpse
Glimpse of Affection 15x 6 Glimpse
Ornate Mask 1x 30 Glimpse
Quenching Acid 8x 10 Glimpse

These are the locations of all the merchants in Mortal Shell. For more help on the game, you can check out our detailed Mortal Shell wiki guides.